Evangelisation Strategy Group


The Parish, with the clergy team and under the leadership of Canon Paul Townsend as Parish Priest, exists to further the mission of the Church in the Hampshire Downs locality, namely to give praise and thanks to God in the Eucharist, to celebrate the sacraments, and to be an agent for:

  • Helping us all to know better the person of Jesus to whom we have entrusted ourselves; to know the mystery of the Kingdom proclaimed by him; to know the requirements and promises contained in his Gospel message and to know the paths he has laid down for anyone who wishes to follow him.
  • The religious education of our young people and adult converts (catechesis).
  • Helping ourselves and others to begin and develop a deeper relationship with Christ in order to renew and transform humanity from within. This process is called evangelisation, which is the focus of this initiative.

In the context of the Hampshire Downs Parish, evangelisation includes:

  • Parishioners’ individual conversion to Christ and His Church in fulfilment of their personal calling to live and proclaim the gospel;
  • The collective conversion of the Parish as a community, strengthened by the certainty that where two or three are gathered in Christ’s name, he is with them;
  • An ambitious vision for the wider community outside the Parish, as articulated by Pope Paul VI: “The Church … affecting, through the power of the Gospel, mankind’s criteria of judgment, determining values, points of interest, lines of thought, sources of inspiration and models of life…” (Evangelii Nuntiandi)


How will we take evangelisation forward in the Parish?  Canon Paul has formed a group called the Evangelisation Strategy Group (ESG) to produce strategies for the Parish, the worshipping communities and Parish Groups, and to support them in our common goal of evangelization.  The ESG is tasked with producing strategies which enable the Parish to preserve and enhance the freshness, ardour and strength of our parishioners’ calling to live and proclaim the gospel.  To achieve this, we must all be evangelised by continuous conversion and renewal.

The members of the ESG have been chosen to cover the broad spectrum of the worshipping communities at the four churches of Hampshire Downs as well as Parish Groups.  Thus members of the ESG bring to the Group knowledge and experience of those worshipping communities and Parish Groups, but they do not represent them.  While the ESG takes the initiative in devising such strategies, the members of the Group will consult with, and listen to, the worshipping communities and Parish Groups, from whom ideas are sought.

If you would like to know more, or to share your thoughts, please do talk to one of the members of the ESG, or email the Chairman (Mike Gretton) or Secretary (Mary Anne Normand) on  esg@stpeterswinchester.org.uk


The members of ESG are:  Tina Backhouse, Andrew Brill, Deacon Gerard Dailly, Sr. Mary Frances, Mike Gretton, Hilary Kemp, Sarah Longman, Sue Masser, Mary Anne Normand, Wojtek Rakowicz, Claire Steven, and Canon Paul Townsend.

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Photos taken by Tony Smith