Liturgy, Sacraments and Prayer


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SAINTS’ DAYS  for reflection in the Parish – click here to see the list.

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ADULT FORMATION            Click here to see current programme.

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 BAPTISM:  Click here to find all the details on Baptism. 


CONFIRMATION: The Preparation programme will start in January and lead to the Sacrament of Confirmation being celebrated in 2016. Contact Sarah Longman for more details and an application form.

Bishop Philip has recently reviewed Confirmation programmes across the Diocese and has asked for a few changes, including Confirmation happening every other year in each Pastoral Area.

MARRIAGE     If you wish to get married in the Parish you should contact the Parish office in the first instance. Attendance at a  Pre-Marriage Course day is important.

The next dates are in 2016: 5th March, 4th June, 5th November

Contact us via the website  to reserve a place

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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC, or just in finding out more about us, please see the Journey in Faith page, here.

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PRAYERS FOR THE MIDDLE EAST  are held in St Peter’s Church Winchester on the third Thursday of each month at 6.00pm. You can see the most recent prayer leaflet here.


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PRAYER SHEETS:  These prayer sheets are distributed each month to housebound
parishioners and those in hospital:

February 2018 Prayer Sheet

January 2018 Prayer Sheet

November Prayer Sheet

September 2017 Prayer Sheet

August 2017 Prayer Sheet

July 2017 Prayer Sheet

June 2017 Prayer Sheet

May 2017 Prayer Sheet

April 2017 Prayer Sheet

March 2017 Prayer Sheet

February 2017 Prayer Sheet

January 2017 Prayer Sheet

December 2016 Prayer Sheet

November 2016 Prayer Sheet

September 2016 Prayer sheet

August 2016 prayer sheet

July 2016 prayer sheet

June 2016 prayer sheet

May 2016 prayer sheet

April 2016 prayer sheet

March 2016 prayer sheet

Feb 2016 prayer sheet

January 2016 prayer sheet

December 2015 prayer sheet

November 2015 prayer sheet

October 2015 prayer sheet

September 2015 prayer sheet

August 2015 prayer sheet

July 2015 prayer sheet