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Pie Club – November 2015

Pie Club Nov 15 Jackie Porter 2

The November meeting of the Pie Club at the Pastoral Centre was the usual big success, with a  talk appropriate to the week of Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday.

Cllr Jackie Porter talked about ‘To Honour a Promise’ – the story of Morn Hill’s role in the world wars as a staging/transit  camp for hundreds of thousands of soldiers and the project to create a memorial in honour of them. It was fascinating, and completely new to many of us, who had lived in Winchester for many years and never heard of this.

Pie Club Nov 15 Jackie Porter


The Pie Club has a large regular group of attendees, but more people are always welcome: it’s an event that combines conversation, sociability and a good lunch.

We meet on the second Thursday of every month, from 12.45 – done by 2.30-3 ish.



At every meeting there is a two-course home-cooked meal, including pie, and a proper pudding with custard. There is no charge as such for the event, though many people give a donation.

There is always a vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free option – other requirements can be catered for if you let us know in advance.

The meal is followed by a talk – we’ve had a varied set of speakers, including a church historian, a UN peacekeeper, and a prison chaplain.

Please come and join us – and suggestions for food and subjects for talks are always welcome (including suggesting yourself as a speaker if you have a great topic!).

Contact Sue, Marion and Moira with any questions and ideas.

photos courtesy of John Thornhill

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Parishioner Ros Whiteman writes:

A Group of our CWL went to visit the Boaz Project in September, this being one our Charities this year.

Some people wondered why the name Boaz.  The name occurs twice in the Bible.  The first time it is mentioned, Boaz is the name of the left of two pillars in the Temple of Solomon.  The second time it is mentioned is in the Book of Ruth which tells the story of Ruth and Naomi, her daughter in law, who return from Moab to Canaan in abject poverty because they had both lost their husbands, which in those days meant all support and provision.  Driven by hunger, Ruth looks for food in one of the corn fields which just happens to belong to Boaz.  He was a wealthy landowner of Bethlehem, son of Achab and Salmon and did things God’s way.  He depended on God, was generous, cared for his employees, concerned for the poor and protected the vulnerable.  So accordingly he welcomed Ruth and Naomi.  Subsequently Boaz and Ruth were married and they had a son, Obed.

The Boaz project in Winchester was begun eight years ago by the Rev. James Mitchell-Innes and Carol, his wife.  James was Vicar of Christ Church from 1981 until 1991. He and his wife have four children of their own; they went on to foster four handicapped children, two of whom are members at Boaz.  James is a Company Director/Trustee at Boaz    The purpose of Boaz was to address the lack of facilities for people with learning disabilities and became a charity in its own right in November 2007.   He has written a book entitled “God’s Special People – Ministry with the Handicapped.”

The Project is on an ideal site at Hill Farm, Sutton Scotney.  It exists to provide a horticultural facility and related work opportunities, at which adults with learning disabilities may come together to be valued and productive.  Its purpose is to give dignity and confidence in a happy and safe, supportive environment, enabling greater independence, social inclusion and employability.  The Project’s Christian ethos seeks to address the whole person, body, mind and spirit, aiming to release and realise each person’s full potential to the glory of God.

As a charity, Boaz is non-profit making and relies on the charity of their supporters.  Donations are gratefully received, and can be gift aided if a tax payer, because there is always a list of things required to improve facilities or to add different activities.

The Project is open four days a week, £23 for half a day and £46 for a whole day.  It is run by a small group of fully committed trustees and a team of six, Mike who is the Manager, Sally who is his Deputy, Assistants Liz, Vee, Paula and Jules, plus many happy volunteers.

Mike welcomed us and gave us some insights into what it’s all about, how this Project came to be and all that they do.  After that he took us around to see the craft and woodwork areas, the greenhouses, vegetable plots and flower garden. They also have sheep and hens. Everything that is grown is used in some way and sold on, for example, fruit for jam as well as craft items and woodwork.

Having seen all that they do and been duly impressed, we sat down to a lovely afternoon tea of sandwiches, homemade scones and cake and a cup of tea.  Afterwards we went to look at what was for sale and made some purchases.  We then thanked Mike and Sally for a most interesting afternoon and for tea.  The following day, they were going to the Littleton Show where they had a stall.  I’m sure they will have done well.  It is to be hoped that this valuable project will attract the necessary all round support to be able to continue long into the future.

There are other Boaz projects in England and around the world providing for people in need.  In particular, the Manchester branch are concerned with refugees and asylum seekers.  Wherever there are branches of Boaz, one can be sure that there is marvellous work being done. – Ros Whiteman

The photo above is from the Boaz website.

With thanks to Ros, who regularly keeps us updated on goings-on in the parish. We’d love to hear from more of you – don’t be shy, send us your reports and photos….


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Past Events

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June 2014: Canon Gerard Hetherington’s Golden Jubilee

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April 2014: Ecumenical Passion Play in Alresford, Good Friday

March 2014: Young Adults cooking for the Night Shelter